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Being in the neighborhood with Christ our Lord
3101 West Cholla
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Saint Andrew Lutheran Church

Our Guiding Principles

Through prayer and Bible study,
Saint Andrew agrees
that we are called to live together
and fulfill God's purpose
for this community
guided by these principles:

Jesus is Lord

God is present in the Word

Prayer is our connection to God's will

Christ's love is shown through joyful service

All are Welcome

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We are making a recipe book,
just for fun ...
It's a poor substitute for a good old-fashioned Lutheran potluck, but it's the best we can do for now :) :) :) 

Saint Andrew Lutheran Church is creating a self-published cookbook

We’d love to collect your favorite go-to recipes; the ones you use for potlucks, holidays, and to impress your boss or in-laws! We're looking for main dishes, side dishes, desserts, appetizers, soups, salads, teas and coffees, whatever! If you don't have time or inclination, then just send that one special recipe you like to make...

Email your recipes to: Cindy Guenthner at [email protected]

You can send text, photos, Word documents, or PDFs. To submit a hard copy, please mail it to Cindy or to the church. Include a contact number and email address in case there are any questions.

Enter as many recipes as you wish, but if we have too many, we might ask you to limit your selection.
If you have questions, contact Cindy.
All recipes are due by November 15.
If you wish, add a few personal words about the recipe: why it’s special to you, occasions for which you make it, which relative handed it down to you, etc.

Tips: List all ingredients in order of use in the ingredients list and directions. Use names of ingredients in the directions. For example, use “combine flour, sugar and baking powder” instead of “combine first three ingredients.” Be sure to include amounts, box or can sizes, cooking temperatures, baking/cooking times, cooling instructions, and number of servings.

Recipes aren’t subject to copyright, and you can duplicate lists of ingredients. However, the text, including the instructions, unless substantially changed, cannot be duplicated unless you include recognition of the source. So if the recipe isn’t your own, please include the original publication information. We are looking forward to reading your recipes!